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Trying not to be so lime in the kitchen

So this is what I’d call one of my many attempts at not totally sucking in the cooking department or you can also take this post as my realization that I’ll never ever be a food blogger, no matter how awesome it seems & sounds.

It was a lovely sunny Sunday so of course I ignored all the sunrays’ invitation to go outside. I take my coffee and my pinterest scrolling VERY seriously. Especially on Sundays. In the beginning let me just state the fact that my relationship with cooking has its ups and downs. Usual state of  “too lazy to make myself anything that has more than 3 ingridients” gets sometimes interrupted by sheer dose of insane motivation and basically reaching for the stars, climbing the stairs to culinary heaven… with an impossible recipe with preparation time of 60 weeks, 456 ingridients with blood of the antarctic virgin and leaves of the oldest coconut in Polynesian sacrificed by the mermaid tribe on the list and of course a mountain of dirty dishes that could start a competition with Mount Everest any second now.

This one did not include any sacrificed items.

As I love a good challenge now and then & I love to eat good food even more one thing was obvious when I came across this one Mango Lime Cheesecake recipe – damn right, it’s gonna happen! Did I mention this was also my first cheesecake ever? Well, now you know. I gathered all the ingridients and rolled up my sleeves! I also decided to play around with my camera a bit, as I never did any food photography (unless you count the instagram photos of yummy food and even that is usually gone before I take a photo, ha). I started placing items with eagerness level through the roof, so much fun right? Yeah, not for long. Bunch of crashed graham crackers later as I tried to document the whole process, every step of the way, I realized I could never be a food blogger. Because to be honest it takes sooooo much time to place everything and to make every shot of the process “pretty” throwing crumbs all over the table and cutting mangos into nice, presentable pieces which is fine if you’re not me. It took me a great deal of effort to kill all the anxiousness of taking photos of things while my anticipation to actually eat the sweet sweet cake got bigger and bigger with every click.  When you’re taking photos of people it’s fine because you don’t want to eat people. Well, you can’t. Or at least it’s frowned upon. But with a weak spot for  food, sweet tooth and an excited stomach I found it to be a task to big to chew, ha.

Imagining painters sitting in front of this, staring at it for hours.
Sweet, spice & everything nice.
Crush graham crackers, not dreams.
I learned that it’s not only me that likes water baths, cakes also seem to enjoy them.

I gotta say, for my first cheesecake I think it went quite okay. I did use too much lime though, but I think I did leveled up on my cooking/baking ladder, not that lame in the kitchen, ha. And yes, I do enjoy ridiculous nonsense puns. That’s who I am, recipe for my personality had that on so I can’t really help myself.

Here is some evidence from that one time I realized I admire food bloggers. Enjoy!

I do not hate yellow.
Mango, mango everywhere!

Over & Out




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