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A day for a change

Everything changes all the time, there’s no denying in that, but how many changes are we making ourselves for a better life for us and others? I think there’s always some room for improvement no matter if it’s personal growth, cause we care about or something else. I know from my personal experiences that it sooooo much easier to just complain than make an actual change, until you actually kick yourself in the ass and start changing something. And you’ll actually wonder why didn’t you do it before? The usual story. I honestly think it’s good to do something different from time to time to expand your horizons and escape the ordinary life, lalala. Where am I going with this anyway? No, it’s not change your body into hot beach bod in two months or some of that nonsense and well, a whole different problem about “beach bodies”. Also I am trying not to make it cliche “go out of your comfort zone” thing. Ugh. Let’s see if I’ll manage.

As a more or less active volunteer I’m always looking for new projects and ways I could help and contribute to society or one of many causes on my “fighting for” list. And even though I may not be making a huge impact on global affairs I’m still putting my own unique mosaic piece on the map of a better world. As we know mosaics are so damn great because they’re made of small little, broken and different pieces combining all this into an artwork. And that’s exactly how I’d describe yesterday’s event that was going on around the whole country of Slovenia. It’s called “Dan za spremembe” (“Day for a change”) and it urges people to join or team up and organise an event with a good cause in their local area. From cleaning your own hood to making an emboidery with people in retirement homes as part of an intergenerational cooperation – the possibilotes are endless! This year there were 129 organized events all over Slovenia (which is quite a big number if we look how tiny Slovenia is) and there were 8600 volunteers involved. Big up to everyone who spend a sunny Saturday doing something good for the community and consequently for themselves!

My “good deed” event was in Ljubljana, where we tried to make a nicer and more comfortable environment around the brand new base of one of the bigger organisations called Slovenska filantropija, which is mostly known for promoting volunteer work and working with immigrants. They just moved in and now with additional garden space they wanted to devide a huge garden into few mini garden so refugees can come here and work in their own little gardens. Giving the fact that most of them lost everything and a lot of them have farming background this seems like a great way for making their transit easier and well, adding something interesting into their simple daily routine. I will admit I spend almost more time behind the camera than with a shovel, but hey, not enough hands. I will have to wait for the cyborg era to get some extra pair and do much more work!

Day for a change!
Only dead fish swim with the stream.
There was a lot of work to be done.
… but there’s always time for goofying around.
We also had a dog unit, yes.
And a “get your energy back up” station.
“So, here’s the plan!”
Work work work.
Human ants working together.
Unfortunately we were not big fans of green that day.
Trapped! Ha, all tricked to clean is something I’d say if it was April 1st. Ha!
Not. A. Fan. Scarred for life as a kid when I fell into a big hole with all these lovelies in it.
Ain’t no easy work.
There’s a 90% chance I wouldn’t know how to set up a wardrobe. Need to practice some more Ikea skills.
Small yet strong squad of little helpers.
Before and after or rather say after and before.
Take it away!
Hands on action.
Reminds me of the Snowhite’s dwarfs front garden.
Next stop: nutritional earth.
Still life as everybody took a break.
I don’t wanna imagine a life without potatoes.
Spring sprang sprung!
Spring vibes.

So there it is, a quick report on the busy Saturday. While driving home (super tired if I may say!) I thought that this would be a perfect day to start few other changes in my life however big or small. There’s a list of course, I mean it’s me after all, I love lists! Buuuuut I’m gonna keep it a secret for a while, see how it goes first. But mark my words – changes are coming! Maybe there are things that have been waiting on your to do list as well? Well, this is as good time as any to do something about them, ha!
Over & Out


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