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Every “Oh, but you know what you should do …” is followed by “How about no.”

So we’ve all been there, right? Doing something our own way and while talking to somebody about this thing they keep looking at you (probably stopped listening when you said the first thing they didn’t agree on) and sort of nod from time to time and then say in this very pretentious tone: “Oh, but you know what you should do…” which is also coincidentally rarely something you actually want to do. I’m always open for a good advice, a new perspective, but don’t “should” me just because my vision of doing things collides with your vision how things should be done. And I find it very interesting that some people don’t really care how you do things, because if you are not doing them their way it’s basically wrong, so they will throw these subtle hints packaged as advice, even though it’s pretty much a big DOING IT WRONG. LIVE YOUR LIFE MY WAY in a nice wrapping paper and a big red bow on top of it. This is all very abstract, so I’m going continue with some concrete things. Last October I got the opportunity to dogsit in Milan, the capital of fashion. The timing was perfect, which doesn’t really happen often to me, much needed vacations after exams and tons of work. So imagine my joy when I packed all my stuff into my backpack and got on a plane flying to a city where I don’t know a living soul, the feeling of freedom and the unknown is very addicting, I know this much. I’ve been constantly working my ass off for a long time, so I was on the edge of total exhaustion. Logical thing would be just to relax and do nothing, but it’s me we’re talking about. Let me present to you: Yana and her best friend “The fear of missing out”! Inseparable as butt cheeks, as a cigarette and coffee, as coffe and more coffee, you know where I’m going with this. Of course I was already stressed that I won’t see everything (because you literally cannot see everything) and started planning everything day to day. But here’s the catch, my body just said “Naaaah, not happening” when I wanted to get up and do some sightseeing the next day. So I just stayed in bed with mugs of coffee piling up on the night stand and it was fine, it was great actually, my fear of missing out took a nap as well. But as I started getting questions such as “So what did you do today? Anything exciting?” and all I could say was “Uhm, well got a good night sleep, walked the dogs, pet the dogs, ate, so yeah”. Silence. “And here comes the famous “Oh, but you know what you should do…” with a judgemental tone so you instantly know it’s not just “Oh, well, I’m just throwing suggestions at you la la la”. And so with that my FOMO started waking up, but soon enough I realized something. Wow, wow, why am I feeling bad for doing the things I feel good about? I mean I am on vacations for dog’s sake. So I just ignored all the subtle hints and proudly stated on many occasions that I did nothing all day. Because I think sometimes we’re afraid to say that out loud to somebody, because in this busy era if you’re doing nothing at any given time you’re failing at life, you’ve lost your path, blah blah blah. But it’s totally okay to pause from everyday life and create a bubble of doing-so-called-nothing-time. I might be speaking for myself here, but the best ideas I had came when I was “doing nothing”. So what I’m saying here is, don’t feel bad for doing nothing (doesn’t apply if you’re doing nothing all the time, that’s a whole new topic I don’t wanna get into right now, ha), but you really have to be okay with it yourself. Because if you try to justify your “doing nothing” to others that’s not it, it should come without any excuses and justifications.You carve your life with your decisions, so do it that way you’ll like the final artwork. 🙂

So after few days of staying in and just walking  around the block with the dogs and to the kebab shop around the corner I was refreshened and super ready for what Milan has to offer! And I honestly didn’t have to wander far to find some beauty of this city. Cheers to beating the fear of missing out and doing nothing!

First thing I saw when I got outside. If I ignore the backdoor of the kebab shop as we had the same backyard.
Corso XXII Marzo.
Doing “nothing” on a bench.
There’s something about red bricks.
A monumental reminder we all have our burdens that we carry through life.
Found a cute little church down the main road.
Sparkling leaves.
Turning my head to the right and BAM, this view.
Autumn of life.

Few more things will follow these snaps from my trip to Italy, mostly because I am huge nerd for italian architecture and gelato and panzerotti and … Nevermind, gotta go, mouth watering alert!
Over & Out


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