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When nothing goes right, go somewhere else

And no I don’t have any runaway strategy in mind I want to defend in front all of you. Because running way from your problems is not the solution, blah blah blah. Okay, let me elaborate on this. I’ve already mentioned that 2016 definitely wasn’t my year, if anything it was damn far away from it. Anyhow, I crawled through the last months of it mostly overworking myself to the point where my body was like “Hell no honey, you need to chill!” So I started my 2017 in style, if by style you mean in the kingdom of tissues and surrounded by rivers of tea and bridges made out of ginger & lemons. The obvious aftermath was that I had bunch of free time to think about everything and as an overthinker I actually think I outdid myself this time. But anyhow, I actually came to some proper conclusions, tam tam tam! I realized I should stop hiding from the inevitable – the fact that I will have to pack all my stuff and move to Ljubljana, at least for a while and a while seemed like forever and a day. The reason behind it? Mixture of my old sins, obligations and few other things. So as you can see not a yummy cocktail. Even though leaving my cute little Prague lair and my own little thing going on (called you know, life) was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to do, but I have to do it, there’s no way around it. So I’ve decided I’m gonna eat up all the sadness and all them feels and actually change my outlook on things. As they say, if you can’t change a situation, change your perspective. Turning lemons into beer, because that would be awesome. So here I am, writing this from a cafe in Ljubljana, sipping beer (not from my lemons yet though) and reminiscing about Prague. I gotta say, I’m still having a tough time adjusting to Ljubljana and an old new lifestyle of mine, but I’ll have to learn to cope with it. I try not to think too much about what I’m gonna miss in Prague and about people I’m dying to hang out with in this very moment – I’m focusing on right now, lovely people around me and becoming a better, upgraded version of myself (no, this was not among my NY resolutions, there were way to many other silly things prioritized there ). I realize I’ve been rambling about bunch of super serious stuff here, so yeah, there’s proof I can actually be super cereal! So yeah, I moved the whole “doing my own little thing” to coordinates of Ljubljana for a while, at least before my next adventure. 😉 This time I’m gonna leave some more snaps of what I can for sure call home or better said, one of my favorite four corners on this floating ball in the infinite universe.

From up above. View of the Charles bridge from the top of the tower.
Vyšehrad at its finest.
There are three islands near my place. This was one of them in Autumn.
There’s also a thing called “gloomy Prague”.
Yellow // Vyšehrad, yet again.
Wenceslav’s square architecture.
If you’re into coffees with a view. From the top of the Dancing house.
Adventures await!

So I guess what I’m saying here is, when nothing goes right, go somewhere else and try right? I’m gonna keep you updated how right I was about this, ha ha.

Over & Out


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