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One yearly ticket for the grand emotional rollercoaster, please!

Even though I don’t remember ever uttering these words, here I am holding a golden ticket.But I guess I am a “big girl” now and obviously tall enough for this particular rollercoaster of funny nonsense. It’s been hell of a year, but I can’t really say if it was a bad or a good one, because it was both. On one hand I spent a wonderful year in incredible Prague, studying at one of my favorite universities, being part of an international exchange programme, met so many amazing people I literally “can’t even” and experienced bunch of cool new things. Even with a whole list of medical issues that I’ve been struggling this year and a lovely mess I call my personal life, I think I did quite okay. So all in all it’s been a crazy year full of shananigans of different proportions, but I was screaming “Woohoo!” all the way (maybe intonation changed from time to time, ha!). This would be appropriate time to add some “No pain, no gain” and “No rain, no rainbows” phrases that are supposed to make you feel better, but let’s face it in that very moment you don’t care about friggin’ rainbows no matter how pretty they are, it’s just the fact that pain and rain and many other things just suck. Big time. You know it will go away eventually, but the feeling of suckiness won’t just disappear so better face it, have a small talk about this and that, but under no circumstances offer coffee and cookies! Anyhow, I have a big treasure chest full of adventures and stories to tell, even though I didn’t get to travel much this year – which will hopefully change next year. Well, I’m already working on that as we speak/as I write/as you read. I’m currently dogsitting in Milano, Italy. It’s basically my little getaway from everything and everybody, the oh-so-much-needed vacations including beautiful architecture, dogs, ridiculous amount of gelato and pasta! I will be writing about that… soon! But for now, let’s call this “rising from the dead” post and it’s just in time for Halloween – my timing is finally on point, ha! So here you go, a sneak peek, some random bits and pieces from my Prague adventures. And there’s definitely more where that came from!


“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls.”


The dancing building, getting jiggy wit’ it.

Náplavka -the place for catching some rays and grabbing a beer.


I figured out that me and Prague still have some unfinished business, so I’ve decided to hang around for a bit more… So these pretty cobblestones and bridges will be seeing more of me and you will be seeing more of Prague!


Yes, I finally visited Prague’s castle and all it’s palaces and alleys and cathedrals and took bunch of photos like a proper tourist.


I don’t know if it’s the History of Art class in High school that scarred me for life, but I never get tired of church architecture.


Nothing like a cold beer with friends after a long day. Or a short day. Any day basically. Gotta love czech beer philosophy.


Getting lost in the sea of tourist sardines at Charles bridge.

Over & Out


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