“I live in Dublin, God knows why.”

Yes, I’m opening this post with a quotation by this irish guy, John Banville, who sounds not too shabby of a novelist (at least according to Wikipedia and Nabokov). So, why really? It’s raining all the time, it’s expensive as hell (we’re assuming that it’s really expensive there, like 6€ for a pint) and does anybody even understand what they’re saying – typical things that will come to mind when you think of it. What do I think about it? Well, I laugh it off sitting in my raincoat and drinking a pint (for two hours already, because I don’t have enough money for another one) and nod, laugh and say yes to whatever the bartender is saying because I have no idea what he’s actually saying. But seriously, it’s not that bad. It’s far from bad. It’s quite awesome. It’s really awesome. So I know why I live in Dublin and I shall never leave. Please, don’t make me leave.

b8b5Trinity college. Waiting outside for king Joffrey to come around with his sassy mouth. 😀
b6Dublin castle.
b4 b12Christ Church Cathedral.b14 b15 b17Hello there, sudden despair after booking a flight ticket back to Ljubljana. Even though I know this is not my last time in Dublin I still feel all this sadness wrapping me like a burrito. One more month and I’ll be back to “reality”. Exams and Erasmus papers and all that jazz. But let’s focus on the good things, shall we?

B1St. Stephen’s Green, beautiful as always.
b2Hangin’ out.
b11I wanted to write a list of things why I love Dublin, but that would be just silly and endless. I’ll do it at some point, though. There’s just this feeling you get in some cities, the comfortable feeling of just being there, like everything will be alright and you’ll be fine no matter what. Well, Dublin is def one of these cities for me. Maybe it’s because I love potatoes and beer, but I’m pretty sure it’s not just that. 😉

I also noticed that there was no update on the randomness of my life, so here goes. A quick something before I’m off to pick up the kids.


  • Stop buying awesome T-shirts, you won’t even see enough of summer to wear all of them!
  • I’m serious, one more Marvel T-shirt and there’ll be no coffee for you for a wee
  • Sort your fictional characters. Jimmy is the one who didn’t eat soup, Lizzie the one who liked porridge and went around the world to get all the ingridients for a perfect breakfast and James was the only boy who loved tomatoes in the land of cucumbers.
  • I swear there’s a whole new level of humour that I’ll never get. “He was a school bully and he was an ear.”, “Ghost in a pumpkin” and “We’re gonna have hair for lunch.” are obviously hilarious things that keep you laghing up to 10 minutes. Especially if you repeat them senslessly. But on the other hand I told the same thing to my guy friends and they started laughing, because they thought that was pretty funny. The more time I spend with the little boys the more I start to think boys don’t grow into men, they just change shape. They are boyish amebas.
  • Some days are just shit. And you can do your best and try as much as you want but at the end of the day the only ones who can make it all alright are Ben & Jerry.
  • I really need to step up my car game. So next time when a kid asks me “Guess what’s my favorite car?” I answer with something more precise than Volvo, the safari thing… JEEP, truck and Ferrari.
  • Don’t even try to make smiley faces with raisins on porridge. No appriciation for that sort of art and instead of »OMG amazing, this is so cool.« you only get “Can I get more raisins?”.
  • Ignore the ice cream truck. Try. To. Ignore. It. And. All. The. Ice. Cream. And. The. Annoying. Yet. Catchy. Song.
  • Stickers solve everything.
  • There’s still this “Mommy, Mommy” thing going on so I repell men of all sorts, attract young moms for random toddler discussions and terrify teenagers from the school near by.2c3ab5794899d4e3a1b21d0a1dd79ef5
  • This week we already established that bed teddies belong in bed and that they don’t like jumping or falling down the stairs.We also discussed the problematic ob bed bugs: who are they (little creatures that live in our bed that give us kisses and hugs when we sleep) and why we shouldn’t let them bite us. (Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite or a friendly reminder to think before you speak.
  • This week we also continue to hug trees in the park on the way home. Because “It’s a broom” is a proper explanation obviously. Little quidditch players, that’s what they are!
  • “I don’t want to eat peas.” A proper reaction? “This is not peas. These are magical beans.” *obviously seems legit so om nom nom nom*
  • Spring is not around the corner it’s actually here. I disguised myself as a native walking around wearing just a T-shirt and a shirt. NO sweaters, NO jackets. I call badass.
  • I got my room pimped. And my computer. Nice addition, but trust me that one of the things that make you run as fast as you can a flight of stairs is “Do you wanna stick it on the computer? Let’s stick it on the computer.”

IMG_0963I also started asking boys random questions and this is what I got so far.

  1. If you could live in a house shaped like anything, what would it be?
    M: A triangle. No, rectangular!
    K: Hmmmm… A penguin.
    M: Oh, yeah. A penguin. So we could all live in a penguin house. Do you wanna live with us Yana? We’ll have penguins inside to play with.Well you don’t have to ask me twice. Sold!
  2. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
    M: Sorry.
    K: I like it when people say sorry. (So Irish…)
    M: Well, it’s nice to say “You’re beautiful” to a girl and “You’re handsome” to a boy.
    Y: You boys are handsome!
    M & K & a bunch of giggles: You’re beautiful!
  3. If you’d be invisible for a day, what would you do?
    K: Sleep! I would sleep in other people’s beds and they wouldn’t notice.
    M: I would wear a special costume that would look like me and then I wouldn’t be invisible anymore.

This is it for now, more cuteness and adorableness soon to come. My back decided that I need to chill for a bit so I’ll have more time for blogging and studying, so I’m saying goodbye to socializing and wandering around for a while. Hope you’re all having  a great time, summer’s almost here, yo!

All in all it was grand!

Over & Out


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