Watch out for the cliffs, yo.

Day off? And it’s sunny? Off we go then! Gotta love day trips from Dublin. So this time (few weeks ago ho ho) we got on the train and went to the suburbs of Dublin. Originally a fishing village in Dublin bay – Howth (Binn Éadair for all you irish enthusiasts) is such a lovely place! Soundtrack of not just this place, but the whole Ireland is seagulls screaming their lungs out, just so you’ll know. There are few cliff walks from which you can choose from and we decided to take the shortest one. I was quite happy with the choice, might be my poor choice of shoes or my out-of-shapeness, we’ll never know.
55First stop – Howth market that is open every weekend, for a lovely piece of jewelry, old street signs in Irish, happy full belly or just to satisfy your sweet tooth. After that a stroll down the bay. There’s a small island close to Howth called Ireland’s Eye where nobody lives, but you can get there by boat and see that there’s nothing on the island except for a small tower.

54 My watering mouth didn’t allow me to stay around here for long…

8I prefer seagulls to pidgeons. Also none of them fellows shat on me so far. Yiha!

6  7
This guy just had to parked his awesome car just when I took the photo, thanks bro.

9Chillin’ killin’ in the sun.
1011The Ireland’s Eye in the background.

1415Bunch of people enjoying the sun while listening to a street performer. Mmmmm….

12  11
As you may see it wasn’t as warm as one might think, so scarf is a must for a freezing person like myself.
16It’s unbelievable how beautiful the walk was,  Even though the whole Ireland is green pretty much throughout the whole year it still fascinates me. Blue and green and green and blue. Up the hill we go! I have to admit I took soooo many photos because I wanted to rest for a bit and taking photos is a perfect excuse muhahaha! The road itself took us about  2 and a half hours as I recall, but a chitchat and a joke here and there and time flies like a mad seagull on steroids.

18I could totally have a summer house somewhere around here…
20I don’t get it how I always seem to look like a giant. I come in M size tho.  25 26All the photographers say “Cheeeeeeese!”
27Totally felt like we’re walking to Mordor. Or taking the hobbits to Isengard.
29 30Flower child.

31  32
At one point I thought I was going to fall off this thing.
33“Oopsy Daisy” kind of sign.
36Lunch with a view like this. Our lunchboxes (yes, lunchboxes, that’s how I live now) were empty in five minutes. There’s Baily lighthouse visible in the distance, with all the fog and mysteriousness it really looked like the lighthouse from The ring, as one of the girls pointed out and ruined a perfect picture of a lovely lonely lighthouse. Thanks! 😀

3537All in all it was grand, even though if you know me, I’m not the biggest fan of hiking. And by not the biggest I mean the smallest possible. Till next time Howth and believe me, there will be next time!

Over & Out


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