The city looks so pretty…do you wanna paint it with me?

Saturday. 1 month since I set my foot in the city of thousand welcomes. If I didn’t mention it before, everybody is super nice here. Like super duper nice. I would basically add half of the Dublin already because I consider them my friends after lovely meaningless chitchats haha.  Everybody is so friggin nice. I love it. Anyway, how did I celebrate my first monthly anniversary (which I forget, typical)? In style, yo. I got a chance to meet up with Kate, amazing and hilarious human that I met in Olomouc two years ago as we both attended language summer school and I was pretty sure I’ll never see her again, but thanks faith for the change of plans!

Anyhow, after a rather cultural morning and a very irish lunch (yeah, just guess what we had…) we decided to get lost a bit. Well, wasn’t really our plan from the beginning, but hey, we ended up at what seems to be my new favorite spot in Dublin, Bernard Shaw (also a bearded man with an opinion on everything, Irish playwright and an awesome man in general). Such a cool and “alternative” place, reminds me of Metelkova in Ljubljana, but better, obviously.

2911134I count as a personal win that we BOTH drank beer as Kate is probably the most anti-beer person ever.

There was a street art event going on which meant that pretty much all the walls around were occupied by street artists doing their thang – awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m still mega excited about finding this place and events like that in general. Wish we would have more things like that in Slovenia. I’m gonna stop japping and I’ll let photos speak for themselves.


222  39
3524313638  37

74Definitely hope to see more of this while I’m still here. Also beer is less than a fiver here, ha.

Over & Out


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