When a potato says “Let’s get mashed!” you might as well do what he says.

It’s been three weeks already? Time sure flies fast when you’re having fun. Or just have too many things to do. Or both. So, new week means new excuse why I didn’t write something sooner and trust me, this one’s a good one! As you may know there’s this one thing called St. Patrick’s day (17th March) – heavy drinking and wearing green from head to toe, right? Well, even though most of the people don’t even realize that they’re celebrating actual death of this poor fellow named Patrick they celebrate it hardcore style! And by “they” I don’t really mean Irish folks, but gazillion of people coming from every corner of the Earth for this festive time. There are all kind of events all over the city, from treasure hunts to street theatre, from funfairs to… giant furniture!

8We’re just a bunch of mini au pairs.
11The whole St. Patrick’s festival goes on for 4 days, but the perfect time to put on your green party hats is Monday as pretty much everyone has their Tuesdays off – National holidays, gotta love them. But don’t forget to set your alarm for early in the morning next day! One shower and bloody Mary later hop on the train and head to the city centre to see the great parade (don’t take the bus because the roads are closed)! Just get there early so that your view won’t be like this.

14Everybody’s Irish for a day on March 17th.7
5  1111  Let’s take a moment to appriciate this awesome potato shirt. The other two say “I’m not Irish but I drink like one” and “I drove all the snakes out of Ireland and all I got is this T-shirt”.

3I think I’ve learned my lesson… Also plus points for the asshole with the iPad.

10This is one of the most randomly hilarious moments ever.  #emilystrong #lovelyladiesofDublin15

Even though the people around you are 80% turists, mostly Spanish or Americans – I swear that it seems that every American is at least 1,6 % Irish. So on the streets you can see everything that poeple could find in green. Okay, but these are turists mostly, what about the Irish? Well, they’re celebrating like, well, Irish –  in a pub. You can’t buy alcohol in the shops in the morning and they start serving beer after 12 (I think, I’m terrible at number fun facts, ugh) in pubs so after the parade streets are empty and all the pubs are packed. While ordering your first pint you can already see some guys in a superman position on the table – so irish. 😀 It’s a normal thing to bring your own instruments and just “jam” with other around the table and yes, I’ve heard Dirty old town one too many times already.
12…Just joking, i could always go for one more!

13After few pints we decided to see the madness in famous Temple bar and madness it was. Pretty much killed the mood from before with all them “bloody foreigners” just looking for a hook up or to rob somebody. The funny thing is that last year around this time I said to myself that I have to put “Spend St. Patrick’s in Ireland” on my bucket list and look at me now? Grand! Even though  I would never visit Ireland JUST for this particular holiday, JUST sayin.

14 All in all it’s a grand(e) adventure. Cheers!

P.S. I wasn’t planning on making a whole blogpost about St. Patrick’s but look at me go. I could’ve taken more photos. I should’ve. But hey, there’s always next year. 😉

Over & Out


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