“…to hell with lemonade, just go with the beer!”

Let’s face it, I’m a lazy blogger, but at least now I have an excuse cause I can say that the twins are quite handful. Which is 158% true. My first weekend off in Dublin – what to do, what to do… Well, I packed all the things that would come in handy and bought a leap card, for buses and trains. By the way, I’m never again complaining about the prices of Ljubljana’s buses and will willingly pay 1,2€ for a ride. Whenever. At this point I should mention that my auparish friend Joana, OHO!* I mean Jonna, comes into the picture. She’s been here for a while now so I’ve decided to trust her that we won’t get (too) lost in the city centre. Long rides in doubledeckers don’t suck at all. Maybe only when it’s turning cause you think you’ll get smashed to the groud face first and die there and then. Irish Gardaland, basically, but with wifi.

*Fun fact of the day: Oho means oops in Finnish. So Britney in Finland is all like Oho, I did it again!

1And my camera, ofcourse. Big bag of things and happiness in the side pocket – ready for an adventure.

Sunny, warm day was telling us that spring has officially decided to stay here for a while. It was a perfect day to explore Dublin and it made a perfect first impression, lovely city bathing in the sun. There are few main big streets, one that I can actually remember and I believe it’s the most known is O’Connell street. We were on our way to grab some coffee, but got distracted so many times by all these awesome things all around. Went to the big Eason bookstore and tried not to buy everything, so we ended up just saying “I need this in my life”, “WANT!” and “So many things!” repeatedly. Afterwards with coffees in our hands we went full on tourist – cameras out and all that. There’s so many street performers you wouldn’t believe, from street bands, to artists and dancers and many many more. There was even a band where they were all kids, like not even teenagers. “Stay off the streets!” warning from their mothers didn’t work, obivously.
9Nobody cares about the red light. Seriously. no-bo-dy.

8This may not be a great photo, but let’s just look at this crowded street. It’s crowded. Yes.

7 6
If you’re expecting big amazing monuments, you’ll be quite disappointed, this is not one of those cities. The famous Spire, the Eiffell tower of Dublin.

2I’d love to tell you the name of this guy, but I’m pretty bad with names. He seems very dramatic, though. As a fun fact I can say this was taken while waiting for forever for the green light at a busy crossroad where people take red lights more seriously at least. Now that I’ve said it it’s not really a fun fact, sorry.

12You wouldn’t believe the obsession with Frozen around here. Pretty much every little girl has a frozen something. I don’t blame them, though. Also a bit of promotion for this organisation doesn’t hurt.

11There are usually clouds everywhere, but when they’re not it’s just super amazing.Taken on one of the many bridges, it felt like I’m in Ljubljana for a moment there.

Chillin in the park was a must, so Stephen’s green was a perfect place for that and we weren’t the only one with an idea like that. All in all it was a great day and to top it all off we grabbed a dinner at Nando’s. Damn, that was one yummy burger!

2324It was sunnier, but I was too busy enjoying the sun so…

18A random photoshoot, my face and Ireland in the background. I’m really here. And I’m making friends. What what what!

16Spying on people or how I was too lazy to get up and take a photo.

Sunday. Family went od a family trip, ha so I ended up having the whole house to myself. Gotta say I went pretty wild, I sang in the shower, didn’t have my slippers on and made myself not one, but THREE cups of coffee. Such a badass, right? I know. I studied for a bit for my exams in June (can’t believe it either) and after that met up with another au pair and we went on a reaaaaally long walk to Phoenix park, which is gigantic and pretty great. There supposed to be deers in one area of the park. I think I’m overly excited about the whole thing. Oh, and there are penguins in the Dublin ZOO. To those who know me it means that I’m gonna explode of happiness when I see them. So new week, fresh start, let’s do this!

55My host mom asked what did I see in the park. I went with trees and grass. Smooth.
77Long way home, but it was sunny and we bought some chocolate so it was just fine.

5Through Castleknock we go!

66Looks just like the cover of the movie Big fish. Great movie by the way for all you “I can’t watch another american comedy, I’ll die”.

What’s the story this week?

1.) I just paid friggin 70 cents for one lemon! Not even an extra big one! Lesson learned, to hell with lemonade, just go with the beer.
2.) I really need to learn which dinosaur is which. Cause diplodok obviously doesn’t have big teeth and ceratops can’t sweep others away with his tail. I got it all wrong. Obviously.
3.) I still find it weird when someone asks “Did you have any craic?” After a long silence and a “What?” I almost said “But I’m not a crackhead…” What craic really means? The closest translation would be “fun”. Irish 101.
4.) Game of the week: How many strange looks can I get when the boys start yelling “Mommy! Mommy!” across the park and running towards me? And there I am with my Star wars T-shirt making dinosaur noises. Def not ready to be someone’s mommy. Nope.
5.) One of the boys said that I’m a bad person. Why? Because I always wake him up in the morning. Good point, couldn’t argue because I say that to anyone who attempts this crazy stunt. If you like me, let me sleep.
6.) While describing a picture with a bunch of kids playing around boys named all the kids playing around. Michael, Ruby, Noah, Anne, Vincent Van Gogh and Lucy. Pleasant company indeed.
7.) How is it possible that two little humans produce such a huge pile of dirty clothes?
8.) Guinness chocolate is still the best one yet.
9.) Paying 4€ for a latte seems like a normal thing already.
10.) I started eating broccoli and I actually like it, but I’m not telling my mom because she has been waiting for forever to say “And what I’ve been telling you all this time?!”
11.) My free time is not what I thought it would be. I had an idea about doing all these project and things and study and cook and and and… and what do I actually do when I’m finally off? I just lay on my bed motionlessly for at least an hour in disbelief how tired I am.
12.) If I’ll have to race with a car around the room this week I think I’ll just lay down and pretend I’m a bridge. (I wrote this yesterday, so I can now say I’ve been a bridge. More than once.)
13.) I’ve been writing this blog post for three days and I’ll be too lazy too proofread (ha ha like I ever do that) or do anything else.

19All in all – it’s grand.

Over &  Out


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