Whoever said all beginnings are hard was damn right!

So my first week as an au pair was…something. There were, obviously, ups and downs. Few times I found myself just sitting on the floor in the middle of the chaos thinking “What the hell I’m doing with my life?” But there were also moments when I was all like “I TOTALLY GOT THIS!”

I had the Wednesday off, so that’s my (very much needed) island of freedom in the middle of the week. It was surprisingly sunny outside so I’ve decided to go for a walk to the nearest (and one of the biggest) shopping centre in Blanchardstown. It’s huge and has pretty much anything you can think of. So I’ve spent some time and money on more and less important and necessary things. When I saw all the books from my to-read shelf on Goodreads on actual shelves I almost lost it. I spent at least an hour just walking around and enjoying the heaven experience in the Eason bookstore. And don’t me get started on the so called Area 51 where all the awesome geeky stuff is. And because I have no self control in places like that I bought a few things. Also a few books. You gotta treat youself, yo! Also I had to do something about my reading list, because lately it’s been all about Mr. Chatterbox and Spider sandwiches. I’ve also met up with another au pair from the area and we had a lovely chichat over good coffee. And when I say good coffee I mean Starbucks, which is apparently the best coffee around because all the Irish care about is their black tea. Small life tip: If you’re ordering a tea in Ireland don’t expect a variety of fruit and green and any other teas. Black with milk or go home, basically.

Could I walk past those T-shirts? Hell no.
I want to own all The maze runner books, let’s start with a prequel. And All the bright places were a recommendation from a friend who really knows her books so I’ll trust her on this one or any other.

Thursday or “I don’t want to get up and I don’t want to put my trousers on” day.
After a challenging morning and afternoon I was more than happy to get together with few of the other au pairs (yes, it’s like a small community or a gang, whichever you prefer) and did some St. Patrick’s shopping. For most of us it’s gonna be first St. Patrick’s in Ireland so going all crazy is a must. And a well deserved pint afterwards just hit the spot to be honest.

Friday or how I almost lost my mind.
Full moon or no full moon, boys were acting crazy and I swear to god that I’m still looking for few pieces of my sanity in the pile of coloring books, cars and legos. I did eventually picked myself up and walked out of the cave of misery by the end of the day. One cannot be down when there’s a whole weekend off  ahead!

IMG_0604My new notebook so I won’t forget things and for crazy ideas and exciting plans, of course.

Things I’ve learned this week:
1.) Don’t drink your coffee in the morning at breakfast, because boys will want cocoa and tears will be shed fo sho. Calling it cocoa for adults sure doesn’t help. Just saying.
2.) Dirty clothes on the floor? Let’s play “Feed Mr. LaundryBasket”. Might include putting dirty things on EVERY single thing in the room (and you) before getting to the basket, but hey if Mr. Bed and Mrs. Drawer don’t mind it you shouldn’t too.
3.) Be careful what kind of music you put on the speakers so you don’t have to explain all about a coldhearted bitch who didn’t like this boy in the beginning, but after a while she realised that she was a total bitch and that she won’t find a better boy than him, but he didn’t want her back after that and they only had sex and he never called back. “What is he singing about?”
4.) Still too much porridge in the bowl and school starts in half an hour? Make up a story out of the things they’ve been constantly talking about for the past days. Thank you, baby T-rex and your first Christmas and thank you, imagination for not letting me down in the morning.
5.) Children books are fun to read once. Third  reading in the same day and you’re looking forward to reading The brothers Karamazov…
6.) Whoever gives a kid a balloon on a windy day (which is basically any day in Ireland) and thinks that it will not resolve in crying their eyes out is out of his mind. “Mr. Wind has been very naughty today, but don’t worry guys your balloons are having a party in the sky with other balloons.”

IMG_0602It looks like I’ll need all the superpowers I can get.

Over & Out


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