How’s it going bud?

And no I haven’t used any of my irish phrases on an actual human here. I arrived two days ago and Ireland greeted me with rainy embrace. There were two little fellows waiting for me at the airport and what at first looked like being shy evolved into Iwanttodoanythingwithyana! My first two days here were my days off – awesome! I didn’t even start working and I already have my days off, ha.

This is the view from my room.This is the view from my room. My room is basically a huge bed, a big window and a wardrobe. Do I need more? Nope.

First of all – irish weather. It was sunny and then rainy. There was some hail that turned into a mini snowstorm and it was sunny again. The whole package of weather conditions in 2 hours. Bipolar much (quadropolar ho ho ho) ? I was waiting for the rain to stop and after a while figured that I’ll get old before that happens so I went out anyway and walk around the neighbourhood trying not to get too lost with all of these identical houses around. I surprisengly met few other au pairs in the area so soon. Wasn’t expecting that, but that was a good kind of surprise. Yay new lovely humans! Oh, and did I mention I had my first pint of Guinness? Slovenian irish pubs can go hide in the the dark cave of eternal shame.

2Drivers passing by were probably thinking “What the is a bloody tourist doing around here?”

Why am I up so early?
Why is my nose cold?
I made too much porridge. Well I guess today’s the day I start eating it.
What the hell is raisin doing in here?!
Whose is the Spiderman lunchbox?
Did I take my keys with me?This is a nice park.
Uuuuu what a cute puppy!
How the hell is it snowing again?
I forgot how legos are impossible to put apart.
Goodbye nails.
Cat in the bag. I think I said Cat in the box.
Pants on the head, that’s a first.
Dinosaurs are bigger than me and the house – noted.
Giraffe is not the tallest animal it just has a long neck. (?)
Strawberry cocoa is a weird thing.
Fairy Godmother can sure sort out all kinds of problems. Where can I get one of them?

3I was chillin killin with my feet in the sun, but now I’m looking at the stars through the window.

I already have a feeling I’ll love it here. But for now I better go catch some zzzs. I’m waking up at 7 and I’m eating porridge for breakfast. It feels like I have my shit together. ha ha ha

Over & Out


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