Randomness is awesome.

So first week is pretty much over. Everything’s happening so fast and I still didn’t get a proper sleep.Too many places to go, too many things to see. Quick summary of my random observations.

krakowThere seems to be an infinite number of stairs in Poland, but as long as you get a view like this it’s all good in the hood.


I listened to Joey and here I am “frenching up” my life. Je ne comprends pas most of the time, but I’m afraid I’ll speak better french then polish. Also no drinking on the streets policy SUCKS!

Jewish music festival

Well, I guess jewish music is right up my alley. Habibi habibi something something. Festival of Jewish music FTW!

davidova zvezdaIf you’re making jokes about the holocaust you’re just an ass. Period.

netherlandsKraków looks like the Netherlands sometimes. Especially if people are speaking Dutch around you and the only phrase you know is really inappropriate one. Thank you, useless knowledge that stays forever in my head!


Polskie piwo jest bardzo dobre, but the idea of having a bar as part of the dorms is far from being a good idea.

Over & out


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