Jagiellonian university, sup?

Polish people take summer schools a bit too seriously I guess. We have morning classes and afternoon lectures about literature, culture and stuff like that. And for those with scholarships it’s obligatory, of course, 132 hours to be exact. So we’re spending all of our time in the “university” or in the dining room, eating. Not really ecstatic about that. I’d love to go and actually see Krakow and breath freely for a while, without the essay and presentation deadlines over my head. Smell of June’s exams still lingers in the air. Anyhow, I’m still having fun learning new stuff and meeting awesome people. Now off to … the desk and behind the books!


“The University looks really nice.”

2“Lovely park near the Uni.”

3“So he gathered all the important humans (yes, humans!) of the University so everybody could enjoy one speach too many (or more like 10 speaches too many).”

4 “White walls. Simple, yet classy.”

11“Somebody was really excited when he was thinking about the title of this textbook!!!”

P.S. I found out that they serve banana juice in the cafeteria downstairs. I’m going bananas over it! Bad pun achievement? UNLOCKED!


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